The Freedom High School band program has been making positive differences in the lives of hundreds of
students each year. Research shows that participation in music programs not only increases math, science
and language arts skills, but also promotes discipline, leadership, teamwork, time management, work ethic and creativity. These skills are not only important in life but also in the workforce. As a matter of fact, our students are among those you might want to hire some day!

Our band programs (both curricular and extra-curricular) at Freedom are highly respected, earning many
accolades and being recognized as one of the finest in all of Virginia. To carry on this tradition of excellence,
we need your support. Donations from community minded businesses greatly enhance the opportunities for
our students. Your donation will help cover competition expenses such as travel, instruments and their repairs, uniforms, sound equipment and props to name just a few.

We are calling all business owners and family sponsors. Please consider donating here.